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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

fuller hair with OGX






I'm always up for trying new hair products, especially when they promise to make your hair fuller and thicker. And believe me, I have tried countless sprays, conditioners and creams that promise thick locks. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck until trying OGX's new bamboo fiber-full line. 

OGX has created a formula that includes real bamboo fibers which attach to the hair strands to create thicker and fuller tresses. I started with the strength + body shampoo and continued with the conditioner. By the way, I'm embarrassed to admit that when choosing a shampoo, scent ranks pretty high on my list! And this bamboo fiber-full passes the test! It's a super fresh scent, think something similar to a gentle rain mist with a touch of jasmine. It's addicting!

To begin styling, I applied the thickening fiber cream and root booster. In the past, I have been the most skeptical of creams and sprays that I apply after washing and conditioning my hair. A lot of products I have tried have left my hair feeling weighed down and a terrible"greasy" feeling. After working the fiber cream into my hair and spraying the root booster on the roots, I began to blow dry my hair with a round brush, for added volume. Fun note on the thickening root booster: you can spray this on your dry hair throughout the day for a touch-up! 

Once my hair was dry, I was amazed at how thick and full my hair felt. This shampoo, conditioner thickening cream and root booster not only left my hair feeling more voluminous, but also soft, hydrated and not greasy!

Overall, I would recommend the bamboo fiber-full line of OGX products. For my fine hair, I plan to incorporate this shampoo into my regular shampoo and conditioner plan, since I don't think you should be exclusive to one shampoo/conditioner! 

This was my first time trying OGX products and it was such a great experience! Have you tried anything from OGX?

Thanks for dropping by and see you tomorrow for an all new outfit post!

**I was provided OGX products for review; however, like always, all of my opinions remain my own**




  1. I wondered how this works, love the bright green packaging and your hair always looks fabulous!!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful, and I am so glad that this line worked for you. I have been eyeing the Keratin line from them, and I will definitely have to give them a try!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. That root booster sounds exactly what I need! Your hair looks amazing!!

  4. I LOVE OGX products--I use their Coconut Water conditioner every day and I feel like it really has kept my hair super soft! Glad to see these worked for you!!

  5. I actually just purchased this exact shampoo and conditioner over the weekend and I'm loving it so far! I needed something that was sulfate-free, and this has not disappointed!

    Southern Style

  6. I've never tried this particular line from OGX but I have tried others and really love the brand so I'll be checking this one out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Great to know this is a good product as I have been looking for a new shampoo! Thank you for the great review!

  8. I need to try this! My hair is always so flat! Your hair looks amazing!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. I tried an OGX product awhile ago and I don't remember not liking it so I don't know why I never picked it up again. Definitely going to have to check out this line though, my hair needs some body! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. i love this brand, so not surprised that you love it as well! gorgeous as always :)

  11. I am always looking for things to make my hair look fuller too. These sound good.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. My hair needs of all the thickness and volume it can get, please! I will have to give the root booster a try! I've tried a few things from this brand and have really liked them. Love the bright, fun packaging too!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  13. Your hair looks amazing! I could always use a root booster, my hair is so fine :-P
    Green Fashionista

  14. I've used some of their other products before, and loved them! I'll definitely have to give these a try too!

  15. I really need to try OGX. My hair is so limp and thin....darn those post baby hormone drops. Thanks for the tip
    Have a wonderful Wednesday
    Carly from Dresses & Denim

  16. I naturally have extremely thick hair, but this product might be really good for one of my best friends :) Thank you so much for sharing!

    xo, Esther


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